Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hawaii's own pro triathlete Tim Marr joined us for the HACC Hammerfest yesterday and of course it was FAST!
I hooked up with the big dogs on the ride back and took the sprint to the speed limit sign...but sadly it was uncontested.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


We had rainy weather all weekend...sooooo...somebody had some time to do some bike work! Finally finished building the Griffen that Gil Loomis gave me. Check it out.

Who needs "Transition" when ya got a Griffen?
It was fun doing the build. I think I got the whole thing done for just under $800. It took a while and was a real learning process. I still need to fine tune the shifting and get the fit right but I took it out for a spin around the neighborhood and it is fun to ride. Thanks to Gil and to everyone who provided their expert advice along the way.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


This morning I got up around 0530 and decided to head out for a ride. The plan was to start riding and see who I bumped into along the way. After a stop in Kunia, I continued on. I ended up going all the way up Kolekole alone. I saw one other rider along the way and a few runners, but no one I knew. It was wet and I got rained on a few times on the way to Schofield. When I got to the top of Kolekole it started coming down and I was actually feeling cold. I threw on arm warmers and headed down Kolekole. It poured on me all the way out Schofield and part of the way down Kunia Road. Got home just before 0900 and gave my bike a good cleaning. Then got myself cleaned up. Goy didn't have any plans, so I got in a good after ride nap. Not a bad Saturday so far.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Did the "Hills with HACC" Thursday lunch time ride. There were only a few of us riding today but it was a good ride.

My plan today was to see how close to the front I could stay. So, I stayed behind HACC Daddy on the way into AMR and stayed with him as long as I could. For the rest of the three loops around AMR, Jon L., Brandon, Gil and I were swaping places throughout the ride. It seemed like they were taking me on the ascents but I was taking the lead on the descents. It was fun going back and forth with those guys throughout the ride.

The way back to Hickam was fast. I got on Gil's wheel through Pearl Harbor until Jon L. and John G. came flying by. I gave chase. It was sprint after sprint all the way to Hickam. Another good ride.

Looking forward to getting back into the routine next week. With two days off last week and this week being a short week, I ended up taking two weeks off from commuting to work by bike. I will start back up next week.


Here is a link to video coverage of the Dick Evan's Memorial Road Race.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Dev said it well...on the Tuesday Hammerfest with HACC you can either chase, be chased, or hang on for dear life.

Yesterday was my first ride since last Tuesday's Hammerfest. At least this week I got there in time and was not playing catch up the whole ride.

My goal was to hang in the back and see what happened and then try to tag along with the guys in front. Some how I got ahead of everyone and couldn't seem to drop back enough to get behind them. So, as we turned on the main drag out to the beach, I slowed down and waited. I saw the first group go by and jumped on. I was hanging on pretty good until we got out by beach. I started dropping back a bit but then got a couple of little pushes from behind and got back on the wheel. We kept a pretty good pace until Steve took the lead and dropped the hammer. I couldn't hang on.

On the way back I hooked up with Jeff S., Lindsey and Brandon and made it back in one piece. Everyone broke off and went their own ways so I kept going out to do the final leg alone.

On the way back around I spotted John, Bennie, and Gil. I cruised up next to them and we started heading back. Suddenly, Bennie jumps. I waited to see what would come next. John takes off after him and I follow. I took them at the sign and we slowed down. Then here comes Gil performing one of his signature short cut moves and he almost loses it on the wet pavement.

Good Ride!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well, I took Thursday and Friday off from work. With Monday off also, I have had a very long weekend. You would think that I would have gotten in some great riding, but I haven't riden since the Tuesday lunch time HACC ride.

Saturday I had planned to get up early and do a ride, but Goy was doing an all night card game with her girlfriends so I had to take care of the kids.

Sunday I was going to try to do a ride but Goy had plans to get up early and hit the road for a day out. She wanted to get her hair done, so we went down and ate at China Town. While she was getting her hair done, Damien and I hit The Bike Shop, IT&B, and The Bike Factory. I couldn't find a thing to buy...believe that?

Tomorrow I am going to try to go on the HACC ride over Tantalus with lunch at The Yard House. We'll see how that goes.

I did get a lot of work done on the Griffen and other than a few minor things, she is almost ready to hit the road.

The only other excitement this weekend was watching the Vuelta A Espana and the Paris Tours race on Versus.

Sunday, October 5, 2008