Saturday, October 18, 2008


This morning I got up around 0530 and decided to head out for a ride. The plan was to start riding and see who I bumped into along the way. After a stop in Kunia, I continued on. I ended up going all the way up Kolekole alone. I saw one other rider along the way and a few runners, but no one I knew. It was wet and I got rained on a few times on the way to Schofield. When I got to the top of Kolekole it started coming down and I was actually feeling cold. I threw on arm warmers and headed down Kolekole. It poured on me all the way out Schofield and part of the way down Kunia Road. Got home just before 0900 and gave my bike a good cleaning. Then got myself cleaned up. Goy didn't have any plans, so I got in a good after ride nap. Not a bad Saturday so far.

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