Thursday, October 16, 2008


Did the "Hills with HACC" Thursday lunch time ride. There were only a few of us riding today but it was a good ride.

My plan today was to see how close to the front I could stay. So, I stayed behind HACC Daddy on the way into AMR and stayed with him as long as I could. For the rest of the three loops around AMR, Jon L., Brandon, Gil and I were swaping places throughout the ride. It seemed like they were taking me on the ascents but I was taking the lead on the descents. It was fun going back and forth with those guys throughout the ride.

The way back to Hickam was fast. I got on Gil's wheel through Pearl Harbor until Jon L. and John G. came flying by. I gave chase. It was sprint after sprint all the way to Hickam. Another good ride.

Looking forward to getting back into the routine next week. With two days off last week and this week being a short week, I ended up taking two weeks off from commuting to work by bike. I will start back up next week.

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