Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Dev said it well...on the Tuesday Hammerfest with HACC you can either chase, be chased, or hang on for dear life.

Yesterday was my first ride since last Tuesday's Hammerfest. At least this week I got there in time and was not playing catch up the whole ride.

My goal was to hang in the back and see what happened and then try to tag along with the guys in front. Some how I got ahead of everyone and couldn't seem to drop back enough to get behind them. So, as we turned on the main drag out to the beach, I slowed down and waited. I saw the first group go by and jumped on. I was hanging on pretty good until we got out by beach. I started dropping back a bit but then got a couple of little pushes from behind and got back on the wheel. We kept a pretty good pace until Steve took the lead and dropped the hammer. I couldn't hang on.

On the way back I hooked up with Jeff S., Lindsey and Brandon and made it back in one piece. Everyone broke off and went their own ways so I kept going out to do the final leg alone.

On the way back around I spotted John, Bennie, and Gil. I cruised up next to them and we started heading back. Suddenly, Bennie jumps. I waited to see what would come next. John takes off after him and I follow. I took them at the sign and we slowed down. Then here comes Gil performing one of his signature short cut moves and he almost loses it on the wet pavement.

Good Ride!

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