Tuesday, December 30, 2008

40 GOES FOR 50

I couldn't let today go by without getting in a ride. If you can't ride on your birthday, when can you? Yes, today I hit the big four zero. So, I set out for a ride with no real plan for where I was headed. It was clear over towards Barbers Point and I could tell it was raining towards Pearl City. At the last minute I decided to take a chance and ride over for the HACC Hammerfest. As soon as I got half way down Ft. Weaver Road, I hit the rain and it was coming down hard. It rained on me all the way to Pearl Harbor. By the time I got to Hickam it had cleared up and I met a small group of HACCers for the lunchtime ride. The ride back wasn't bad and I got in about 50 miles. At least my ride wasn't as bad as this guy's.

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