Monday, July 14, 2008


This morning I got out of the house a little early and decided to get in a few miles on top of my 13 mile commute. So, after getting to Pearl Harbor I headed over to Hickam for the ride out to the tower and back. I pushed it pretty good and got in a good 25 mile ride before work. My plan is to ramp things up a bit and may do a trip up Camp Smith on the way home.

Griffen update: All parts in or on order. All I need is to pick up some cables and then the build begins. More detailed update coming soon!

In Tour news, my wife's "new man" took yellow today. She picks "her men" when they show her they are tough. Last year it was Vinokourov after he crashed and then took the stage the next day. Then he was busted for doping, hope this isn't an omen. I recorded it on DVR and can't wait to get home and watch the action with her.

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