Monday, July 14, 2008


Sunday I did the Hawaii State Criterium. This race was put on by HACC and Momentum Multisport. It was a good day of racing and there was some exciting action. Take a look at the photo finish in the women's race. Shannon Cutting edges out another racer for the win.
My race, the 4/5 category, had the largest number of racers. It all started off with a big bang from a little cannon that was shot off. This was an exciting race. I narrowly averted a crash when someone in our pace line slid during one of the turns. Another rider had to go off road but stayed upright. I end up 4th in my age group. I believe I'm getting better at this but still have some learning to do.

The big dogs did their thing at the front.
The rest of us did our's a little ways back with visions of the lead group dancing in our heads.

I spent the end of the race working with Lindsey, which was a big help.

Wow! Steve shows us what he's made of! What determination!

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