Thursday, November 6, 2008


This morning on my commute to work I was treated to another reminder of why it is so dangerous to ride a bike in Hawaii. As I was ascending one of the climbs between home and work, I noticed that a car that had just passed me actually moved over into the shoulder I was riding in before stopping at a red light. It was obvious that he was trying to block me from riding by him...what an idiot.

I really hate people that think they own the road because they are in a car and that this gives them a right to harrass people of bikes. Ever hear of "SHARE THE ROAD"? Cyclists have just as much right to be on the road as anyone else and whenever I get a chance to get in front of these idiots, I always ride in the middle of the lane so they can't pass. I also believe cyclist have more right on the road than people in cars. I have hit every little bump in the road between Ewa Beach and Pearl Harbor probably more than 1,000 times and have the saddle sores to prove it. I could probably do that ride with my eyes closed. I have earned the right to be on that road!

Anyway, back to the story...when I saw the guy blocking my path, I did a quick bunny hop up on the curb and passed by him (still going up hill I'd like to point out). As I go by him, I couldn't resist looking over my shoulder and giving him "THE LOOK". If you don't know about "THE LOOK", then you can check it here (

Thanks to all the drivers that do look out for cyclists...I have actually seen a lot of them lately too. To those that don't...stand by, you'll get "THE LOOK" one day for sure.

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