Friday, July 4, 2008


Yesterday a group of us met at Hickam Gym at 0600 for a ride around the island. The ride was planned due to Scott Kimsey's upcoming move from Hawaii. However, changes came up and Scott found out he wasn't leaving and he wouldn't be able to ride either. Regardless, a group of 13 of us rolled out for our "ride around Hawaii". Some planned to do part of the trip and the really crazy of us were set out for the whole thing. It was a great ride and Scott even ended up meeting us later on the road.

We had our first and only flat within the first 10 miles, not bad.
Dev snaps some shots while Jeff fuels up.
There was some great scenerary along the way.

It was a great trip. The only other incident was a crash that took out a couple of riders. The heat was extreme, especially when we got to the dreaded Pineapple Hill climb at about mile 90 with temperatures in the 90's. This part of the trip was a bit rough for me due to the heat and I believe a little poor nutrition planning. John and I ended up finishing the ride up together after my stop for some food and recovery. Thanks to John for sticking with me. When we got back to Hickam we saw Scott who said the other group had gotten there only about five minutes ahead of us. We ended up riding 120 miles in about 7 hours!

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