Friday, July 25, 2008


Well, I had to drive in a couple of days this week so I missed out on some miles on the I missed the Thursday lunch time ride. I had to do a couple of "Make Up The Miles" sessions. Yesterday after work I took a ride out to the tower before riding home. I heard a rattle and realized my cassette was loose so stopped at The Bike Shop to have them put a thicker spacer on and tighten it up. This morning I headed out early and did a trip over to AMR for one trip around (didn't have time for more than that). Again I noticed that there was a rattling. So, on the way home I stopped by The Bike Shop again and Mel fixed it up. Finally got my last box of bike parts in for The Griffen.

Chain: $12.79
Brakes: $23.99
Skewers: $10.39
Shipping: $17.00

Total: $729.34. This is just about it. Only a couple of small things to pick up now.

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