Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Got The Flat Tire Blues

Now I know how David Millar felt at the Giro d''s the video...

I had a flat on the way over to the Tuesday lunch time ride yesterday. I fixed it quickly and caught up with the group (that is why I blew past everybody yesterday instead of just hanging with you guys...I was a little ticked off). I inspected everything yesterday when I got home and thought I was good to go. This morning on my commute in from Ewa, I suffered another flat as I was going up a hill in Waipahu. I fixed this one pretty quickly (I'm getting real good at fixing flats) and got going again. By the time I got to Pearl City (just past Best Buy), I get another flat. I felt like throwing the Felt off a bridge and start walking, but I didn't feel like walking all the way to Pearl Harbor in cycling shoes. So, I had to call someone to come get me. I just recently changed to a different tire (Gatorskins) and I also started using different tubes. I may try going back to the old tubes and see if that helps. I guess on the bright side...I can fix a flat in about 3 minutes now!

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