Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cycling Sucks!


I didn't even get to the meeting spot for the lunch time ride today before I was walking.

I'm not having any luck with keeping air in my wheels lately. Right now, I'm thinking out converting my bike into something like this and taking up boating.
Maybe I could turn it into some kind of art piece.

Just kidding! Cycling doesn't really suck and I'm not going to be taking a blow torch to the Felt anytime soon. But man, this is frustrating.

I do believe I may have found the problem, though. I have a loose wheel that may be contributing to my flats. I will check it out tonight when I get home and see if that fixes things.

If not, my next solution is to just buy a new bike...let's see if Goy (my wife) goes for that one!

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Ben's Journey said...

Check your rim strip also. See if any of the spoke holes are causing it. I had a similar problem several years back and ended up using plug caps from colorado cyclist.