Sunday, March 23, 2008

Quiet Weekend

Well, not much going on this weekend. I finished up my Algebra exam (91%) and was happy to finally have a weekend without homework and got in an 8 mile run on Saturday. Today, just watching the Milan-San Remo bike race. I got my rear derailleur in the mail on Saturday. It was a little more beat up than I thought it was going to be so I am looking for a good deal on a better one.

Waiting for the final grades for my class and a few more parts to come in the mail. Once my wheels come in I'll start putting things together.

Rear Derailleur: $45.33 (+ $10.00 shipping) (Ouch!!! I fell into the thrill of bidding on this one. I could have gotten a better deal but got too into winning when someone kept bidding against me...bad mistake).

Total: $164.58


Anonymous said...

Hey brother your habit is as expense as my camera habit!! I am very proud of you. I will keep a check on your blog to make sure your building your bike correctly :) Love your sis!

Shane T. said...

I guess you saw that I put your website on my blog...I want a commission.

Devery Andrews said...

I've got a 105 rear derailleur off my 2008 Allez (about 700 easy miles) if interested.


Shane T. said...


Thanks...I was originally trying to stay all Ultegra but I may be interested. How much would you want for it?