Sunday, August 23, 2009


Saturday I got out for a ride with HACC. This was to be a ride up Tantalus for a group photo with a stop at the Yard House for beer/food after the ride. Tantalus is a great place to ride...lots of climbing and great scenery.

Heading up Tantalus.

John and Debi took the tandem up.

Jason and I stop for a photo...Daimond Head in the background.

Steve and Kelly Becker did a great job of coordinating this ride and snapping photos!

Diamond Head.

This is a cool shot of us heading up the road.

Our group shot. Fun ride.

I had to depart early so didnt' get to stick around for the Yard House festivities.


SMB tech geeks said...

It looks like you have a great crew to ride with & a stunning location! Great photos

Shane T. said...'re absolutely right.