Saturday, May 2, 2009


Today I got up early and headed up to Schofiled to do the HACC Saturday ride. I haven't been on this ride in a LONG time...the only one other time I did it, I actually ended up taking a bus back to base because of a couple of flats.

Today was a beautiful day...the sun was out, no clouds...very nice. We had a pretty good group show up for the ride. John made a couple of comments about me being there...I think he was in shock!

We did the Kolekole climb, then headed towards North Shore and climbed Pupekea, and then it was a climb up Pineapple Hill. I felt good and would have liked to have done another Pineapple Hill climb but kept getting phone calls to come home so Steve Lindsey and I headed back to Schofield. Got in about 50 miles.

Awesome ride on an awesome day in Hawaii!

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