Friday, May 22, 2009


On Tuesday a group of us met for a nice ride out to Kaimuki. Our first stop was in Waikiki for some coffee and a couple of photos. We then headed out to Kaimuki for a quick stop for a bite to eat. Along the way, John pointed out a hill that looked like it would be a pretty challenging climb...I'll have to check that out later. On the way back, we stopped at a cool little place called the Kalihi Bike Exchange. I had never seen this place and thought it was pretty cool. I'll have to drop off some old bike parts to them and see if they have anything for the fixed gear/single speed project I've been contemplating. We made it back in time for the HACC Hammerfest which was brutal as usual. After finishing up with my commute home, I ended up riding about 82 miles...on a Tuesday...not bad considering I was supposed to be at work.

We stopped for a pit stop and I noticed something...John, were you trying to tell us something? Just kidding!!!

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