Saturday, March 28, 2009


Entering Helen, Georgia.

At the Helen square.

Another shot from Helen.

Fun in Helen.

What a great looking couple.

Goy feeding Bob.

New best friends.

Goy cutting the cheese.

Windmill in Helen.

Damien and Goy in Helen.

Goy and me in Helen.

Panning for gems. Damien found something.

Keep looking.

After leaving Helen, we swung over to Dahlonega and got there just as the Celtic festival was wrapping up. A bagpipe band was still playing and we got there in time to visit the candle store Goy wanted to go to.


Jerry Dusterhoff said...

Shane, you were in one of the best biking areas in the country, apparently without your bike. But you managed to find all the other fun things to do there.

Shane T. said...

Jerry, I know! I had planned on riding from Helen up Brasstown Bald, even packed all essentials (shoes, pedals, helmet, etc.) and hooked up a rental. Weather was not that great while we were there. My family thought I was crazy for trying to fit in a ride during the short time I was there. My wife was not happy when she saw what I had hidden in the suitcase. Oh well, maybe next trip.