Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It has been a while since I have posted anything, so I'll do a quick, one-shot catch up.

Thanksgiving went well. I did a 7 mile run before chowing down. The Friday after Thanksgiving I got up early to meet up for the HACC ride but was feeling lazy. I ended up sitting around and then going for a 30 mile ride later that day. Saturday and Sunday were uneventful. Saturday I got up again with plans to do the ride with HACC but was still feeling unmotivated. Not sure what was going on with me this weekend but at least I got in one run and one ride. We did get some shopping in too. Pretty much just a normal weekend with a little bit of laziness thrown in.

Today it was raining, so I drove in. It cleared up by lunch and I went over for the HACC Hamerfest. I had decided to go hard. I was up with the lead group as we came around for the cool down/sprint. I tried making a covert move off the front (Bryant taught me this move). Then I noticed a couple of guys making a move on my left. I jumped on their wheel and hung on. Just before the next to the last sign, I made a move and took the lead. I looked down and was hittng 32mph. The next thing I saw was Mauricio blowing by me. I held on to second! Ouch, that hurt!

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