Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Went out for the HACC Hammerfest today to stretch the legs out and surprisingly felt pretty good. I rode by myself after deciding not to try to hang with the first group out and then hooked up with second group after the first turn around. Stayed with these guys until getting back to the main base. The first group slowed down and we were able to catch up. On the final stretch, I sat back and watched a few guys that were out in front. Jon came screaming by and a couple of guys jumped to pull him back. I watched everyone who jumped and hung on their wheel when they did. I realized that I was out front with Steve Steele and a couple of others. Steve started sprinting away from everyone and I hung right on his wheel until the end of the sprint. I'm not sure if it was skill, strategy, luck , or a combination of the three that enabled me to pull that off but I was surprised, especially since my legs were still sore from the marathon. Great ride and legs actually feel better!

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