Saturday, September 27, 2008


Today I did the HACC Saturday ride for the first time. I'm not sure why I have never made it out to this ride, but I'm glad I finally did. The ride started out with a climb up Kolekole Pass. After regrouping, we headed out towards Dillingham Field.

We did a quick stop to refill water bottles then some of us headed over to climb Pupekea (my first time climbing this road...thought it would never end). We decended Pupekea and did another bottle refill at Sunset Beach and then headed back toward Schofield. On the next climb, I popped a flat. John and Jeff stopped to lend a hand. We got back on the road and I noticed that my tire was still a little low. So, I stopped to pop another CO2. As soon as I started putting air in, I heard a loud pop. I looked down and saw that the exploding tube had caused a rip in the sidewall of my tire...NUTS! The other guys didn't realize I had stopped, so I was stuck.

Luckily, I had stopped at a bus stop and the bus soon showed up. I racked my bike and jumped on. We passed the group just as they were finishing up the Pineapple Hill climb. I had to change busses in Wahiawa and finally made it back to Schofield. I packed everything up and headed home.

On the way home, John called. I told him to call off the search. Ben called and told me John was looking for me. Thanks to everyone who helped out today!!! Sorry I couldn't call and let you know I had made it back. Lesson learned: Put some phone numbers of the people I ride with in my cell phone!

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