Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It has been a busy month. We got the results from the Chief board so I was busy with the new Chiefs all month. I was the Fitness Coordinator for all the new Chiefs in the area and I was chosen as a Sponsor for one new Chief. We finally wrapped everything up on 16 September. This week I rolled right into coordinating the PT test for our command and will be doing that for the next two weeks. To top it off, I caught a cold while camping out with the new Chiefs on their last night as First Classess.

Today I finally got back out for a Tuesday lunch time ride and it hurt. I thought I was on the down slide with this cold but soon found out I wasn't and it kicked my butt. I could not breathe and was continuously having to clear my nose. It sucked! I just could not get moving. I got a little help on the way out for the first loop but fell behind. I ended up time trialing it for the second loop and the return to base. Tough ride with no sprint at the end. I finally went and talked to our Corpsman this afternoon and got some meds. Hopefully I will be cleared up by Thursday for the lunch time ride.

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