Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Book, Crit Training, Hammerfest

Picked up Johan Bruyneel's new book this weekend. Should be interesting. He also has a new website...


This morning was the monthly CPO PT. The area CPOs meet on the second Tuesday of every month and I lead them in some PT and a run. This morning only six people showed up, so I led a little PT and then let everyone hit the cardio room to pick there own poison. I jumped on the stationary bike and did a good 45 minute spin...I was drenched afterwards.

Today's Tuesday Hammerfest went well. We started out with a practice on the crit course and then headed out towards the tower for a "cool down", yeah right! The crit practice went well, no crashes. It was a bit of an eye opener but was good to scope out part of the course and pick some good lines. I think if I ride in early tomorrow, I may ride over and check out the entire course.

The rest of the ride was good. I hung with the lead group for most of the way out. I had to back off just before the turn around. After the turn around I felt good and kept up a good pace. I later hooked up with John and Scott and we eventually caught up with the lead group again. At the last turn, I kept my eye on the guys in the front to see who would make a move. I saw Bryant and a couple of other guys take off, so I jumped on it. I was in fourth place and was keeping up. I looked down and was hitting 30+ mph. I passed one guy and later someone else passed me. I think I ended up as the fourth person to the sign. Pretty Good!

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