Sunday, June 22, 2008


Today I rode in the first annual Hickam/HACC Criterium bike race. This race was put on by our cycling club and the Hickam gym and was master-minded by the HACC Daddy, John Girmsey. It was a great race that was well planned and in a perfect location. Thanks to John and everyone involved in putting the race together.

This was my first "crit" and was quite an eye opener. I knew that if I was unable to stay with the pack, I would get shelled pretty quickly and that is pretty much what happened. I got off to a bad start in the 4/5 race due to clipping a curb on the first lap. I ended up scraping up my right pedal and crank arm. That sucks.

Thanks to Ben Sambrano and Jeff Adkins who let me ride on their wheel for a bit of a rest. I know for sure now that I need to up my training to get ready for these kind of races next year. We do have another crit next month, maybe I'll do better in that one with the experience I gained today. It was a good learning experience and a fun day of racing.
Here's a pic a swiped from Jeff A.'s blog.

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