Friday, June 6, 2008

Good Week, Race Cancellation, and A Bump On The Head

This week was a pretty good week. After suffering many flats last week, I fixed the problem and commuted in three out of five days this week (had to drive a couple of days to run some errands). Both the Tuesday and Thursday lunch time rides went well (for most...sorry again Dev!).

On the Tuesday ride a small group of us was finishing up the ride when I heard a couple of guys planning a break. When I saw them both miss a turn and go straight, I launched an attack. I backed off a bit because I didn't think anyone had decided to counter. I was almost to the speed limit sign that we normally race to, when out of nowhere, Ben came flying by. Victory was so close! No backing off next time!

I started getting back into my morning gym routine (hit the treadmill + ab workout on Wednesday morning since I drove in).

The Aloha State Games Road Race was cancelled yesterday due to several issues. I got a call from the coordinators of this race yesterday when I got home. Goy asked me who I was talking to. I told her a race got cancelled. She asks, "So you are only doing one this month?" I said, "No, two." She said, "You told me before that you were only doing two this month." I said, "I am only doing two, now." I then got hit upside the head with the phone. Marriage is so fun.

So, I will be doing TWO races this month...the Hickam Criterium and the Hawaii State Road Race.

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