Monday, May 26, 2008

No Cycling News This Weekend...Well, Almost

This weekend was the 40K Individual Time Trial. I checked everyone's blogs this morning and it looks like everyone did really good. Congratulations everybody. I didn't make it. I promised not to do any races this month due to planning to do so many next month. I would have liked to have done this one. I think I would have done well. I have been riding strong lately. I have also learned a lot riding with HACC. Especially on the Tuesday rides. I had an awesome ride last Tuesday.

I was reminded a couple of times yesterday that there was a bike race going on that I was not at. This was annoying. A couple of friends stopped by. They had been riding their motorcycles on the North Shore and had to mention that they saw some kind of bike race going on. I told them "I KNOW, I'M SUPPOSE TO BE THERE!", loud enough for Goy to hear. Goy told them she had given me permission to get a motorcycle. I told her I would rather take what she would spend on a motorcycle and buy a new bike. This was followed by several jokes about cyclists and how I would look on a motorcycle with tight shorts, shaved legs, etc. Very funny guys!

After they left, I decided to give the Felt a good cleaning/inspection. I end up cracking the self-extracting piece on my crank. So of course I had to drive down to IT&B and pick one up. Mike at IT&B asked me if I was at the TT...not again :(. I got the part, but it looks like I may have stripped the crank arm. I don't have to have it on, but would like to get it fixed. So, this morning I asked Goy if she would like to go to her favorite place for lunch today...she said she knew I was only asking because it is near The Bike Shop...she knows me too well.

So, the next couple of weeks I will be trying to get in maximum training time. I think I'll hit up some of the guys for some training tips/workouts to get ready for next month. I plan on doing the Aloha State Games (a two day event - TT one day, road race the next), the HACC Criterium (we are putting this one on for the first time, should be a good one), and the Hawaii State Road Race. I did the second day of the Aloha State Games last year. This was my first bike race and I didn't know what I was doing. So, I'm anxious to do this one again to see how I do.

There are also a couple of races coming up in stay tuned!


Devery Andrews said...

We were wondering were you were at. It was a good ride for the HACC, very windy on the way out, a little less windy on the way back. Alot of fun.

Shane T. said...

Sometimes weekends with the wife have to take precedence over weekends with the bike. I can't believe I just said that.