Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No new parts, but great ride!

HACC gets together every Tuesday during lunch for a ride on Hickam Air Force Base. This ride has become known as the "hammerfest". This is due to the crazy speed displayed by some of the riders. Yesterday was not much different. After doing our usually warm up cruise through the base, we started out towards Hickam Beach. As soon as we got by the dive locker, it was on. A few riders took off and the rest of us tried desperately to hang on. I was doing surprisingly well. I got out in front of a couple of other riders and pulled for as long as I could (great paceline training). I was amazed at myself and how well I was riding.

I hit a bump on the way out and lost my water bottle but decided to pick it up on the way back through. When I got back to it, it had been no water for me.

On the way back, I was still riding surprisingly well and pulled another rider part of the way. I caught up with Ben and Bryant who were cooling down from their blistering run out but I still felt like going at it. So i did. I told John later it must have been the Cheerios I had for breakfast...great ride!

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