Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Bike Building Project

Well, thanks to Gil Loomis, a member of my cycling team, Hickam Area Cycling Club (HACC), I am now the proud owner of a Griffen bicycle frame that I intend on building up as a Tri/TT bike. It is an older frame that Gil used to ride and is in perfect condition. This is my first bike building project, so I am trying to keep the project reasonably priced by scouring eBay for parts. It has been quite a project already just on the eBay search alone.

Now, I did say this is my first you won't see crazy stuff like Zipp wheels and top of the line, carbon this and that like on Ben's and Casey's blogs (other HACC members). You will just get the story of me building up this great bike that was so graciously hand down to me. The goal is to try to keep this build under or around $500. We'll see how that goes. I already have several items on the way that I have gotten through eBay

This is also the first time I have done this blogging stuff, so bear with me. It will surely improve as I play with it more.

And the journey begins...

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